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The three senators, all military veterans, marched off to an impromptu news conference to lay out their deep objections to the Bush legislation. Warner then personally broke the news to Sen. Bill Frist of Tennessee, the majority leader, and the next day the Armed Services Committee voted 15-9 to approve a legislative rebuke to the […]

Being Kansas’ senior senator is not enough for Sam Brownback. Apparently he knows what Oregonians do not and has crafted a bill to put our Northwest neighbors back on the yellow brick road of righteousness. Brownback introduced a bill last week called the Assisted Suicide Prevention Act of 2006. read more | digg story

The POTUS saying we are addicted to oil makes no sense (not that much of what he says makes ANY sense…but I digress) Our “addiction” only exists because most car manufacturers cannot make cars that get better than 25 MPG, our public transportation “system” is a shambles or non existant, and there is no funding […]

This is a followup to my previous post regarding MSN Spaces and the pro-democracy blogger from China.Microsoft employees are now officially defending Microsoft’s removal of the offending blogger. They’re justifying it by basically saying that a business model will ALWAYS SUPERSEDE any basic human rights… In China, there is a unique issue for our entire […]

Say what you will about living in the United States, we still don’t have it as bad as people living in Communist China. Microsoft, in a move that has me scratching my head, apparently pulled a pro-democracy, Chinese bloggers, blog, from MSN Spaces under pressure from the Chinese government. Robert Scoble (a technical evangelist at […]