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When I first migrated my users from Novell to Windows Server 2003, one of the issues that kept cropping up was, “Why do I keep getting ‘access denied’ when I try to go into this folder??”. With Novell, files and folders that users don’t have permissions to access, simply do not show up on their […]

Virtual PC 2004


Microsoft has decided to make Virtual PC 2004 free.  This is great news for small I.T. shops that can’t afford a test environment.  Between the for free Virtual Server and now Virtual PC, a test environment is only a production machine away.

Here is a very cool article on Microsoft’s Open Source Lab. Microsoft�s Open Source Software Lab is an ambitious research project. Located on the company�s main campus, the lab houses more than 300 servers, which collectively run more than 15 versions of UNIX and 50 Linux distributions. It boasts a team of senior-level programmers and […]

Could this be a Google Appliance Killer? Without much fanfare, Microsoft launches today, a business version of their search software. It will help people more easily find documents, e-mail and other data. The interesting tidbit is that it’s designed for easy deployment by IT and can be modified (through GPOs) by IT to control how […]

IE 7 Beta


Internet Explorer 7 Beta I’m on a machine that has the IE7 beta installed on it. I’ve had a brief chance to play around with it and have already settled on a list of what they got right and what they got wrong. While I do realize that this is beta software, something tells me […]

Check out this article over at (Is it just me or does this seem like it says “m” “sexchange”?????? It’s supposed to be “ms” “exchange” *grin*) for more about the upcoming SP2 for Exchange 03.Some highlights included: Increased mail database limit size from 16GB to 75GB for Exchange Standard (wo0t wo0t!) Improved Public Folder […]