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“Using children’s laptops to convert the masses to the open source faith is irresponsible and self-serving. Software evangelists and elitist humanitarians are trying to fit developing nations into their own designs. OLPC supporters should listen to the needs of the world, rather than make assumptions as to what they are.” read more | digg story […]

Music on Suse


I’m back to WinXP on my primary desktop. Frankly, because I missed the ability to listen to my music. Suse wouldn’t play my mp3’s “out of the box”. Amarok kept telling me that it didn’t like them. I tried to install what I thought I needed through Yast, but an hour later, still no sound […]

Suse and XGL


Holy crap. I made the switch. I completely switched over my primary desktop to Linux and it’s not the distro that you think. I’m still running Windows XP on my new laptop, but that’s only because I need to for work. You may be wondering why I said “Holy Crap”….read on.. The distro I selected […]

Recently installed Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper Drake on an older Compaq desktop I had laying around. The amazing thing about this old comp is that it’s very quiet compared to my normal desktop PC…but I digress. This old Compaq has an Intel i810 graphics chip. Essentially it’s the graphics chip built into the motherboard and utilizes […]