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My online bud Jeremiah and fellow digger, has landed a paying gig as a Netscape Navigator!  Congratulations and kudos to him.  Say what you will about getting paid to post but you should already know my feelings about it.  I know as a fellow tech geek that Jeremiah writes well and loves technology, especially Linux, […]

It turns out a fellow blogger and computer book author needs some help. Her California license plate was stolen off her car in Healdsburg. If anyone has seen it: let me know or if you have it, you can mail it back to her….no questions asked.

I stumbled on this post by Tony over at Deep Jive Interests. He makes the statement, “perhaps that good Diggers don’t make good bloggers.” and it’s true. At least in my case. The one thing that I don’t like about blogging is feeling obligated to do so. Frankly I’ve been extremely busy with my job, […]

So my wife and I are buying a home. Since I grew up around construction (my mom’s husband was a contractor), I never considered anything other than a stick-built home. I get a visit from my brother and my dad several months ago because my brother is considering moving to this area and he and […]

Some people shouldn’t breed… read more | digg story

Just in case you’ve never heard this, a fellow blogger, Kyle MacDonald, is attempting to trade-up from one red paper clip to a house. It’s an amazing idea that’s working!

I’m back to blogging solo since the community gig wasn’t working out. I’ve also had a bunch of warez sites leeching my pictures so my bandwidth usage has skyrocketed. I’ve taken the Office 2007 screenshots offline until I have a chance to prevent hotlinking.