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My son’s iPod Nano LCD has cracked after only having it for less than a year. When it was taken back to Apple, they stated that it wasn’t covered under warranty. Looks to me like we may have another iPod battery fiasco on our hands as this isn’t an isolated case. If you have or […]

UNIX systems run scheduled maintenance routines – known as maintenance scripts – to clean up a variety of System logs and temporary files. By default, these are executed between 03:15 and 05:30 hours local time, depending on the script. If your Mac is shut down or in sleep mode during these hours, the maintenance scripts […]

Apple has launched Mac OS Forge, a new community development site hosted designed to support Web Kit and other open source projects focused on Mac OS X. read more | digg story

Until now the software has required that users install the X11 Window System, a graphical interface that lets Unix-based applications work on Macs. The new version of the software won’t require X11, and will work just like any other OS X-native application. read more | digg story

Flash-Based Apples To Be Released Next Week? There’s a rumor going around that a new flash-based Apple Notebook will be released as early as next week.