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My online bud Jeremiah and fellow digger, has landed a paying gig as a Netscape Navigator!  Congratulations and kudos to him.  Say what you will about getting paid to post but you should already know my feelings about it.  I know as a fellow tech geek that Jeremiah writes well and loves technology, especially Linux, […]

An FDA risk assessment that is expected to declare meat and milk derived from cloned animals safe for the food supply is currently being reviewed by the government, and is due to be released by the end of the year. If these documents are finalized, cloned animal products will become part of the food supply, […]

When I first read about this in one of my many RSS feeds, I figured it was a hoax or it came from The Onion. I quickly moved on because after all, I have more important stuff to do than laugh…right? It wasn’t until I read a few more similar titles about a merit badge […]

It turns out a fellow blogger and computer book author needs some help. Her California license plate was stolen off her car in Healdsburg. If anyone has seen it: let me know or if you have it, you can mail it back to her….no questions asked.

Granted all of the mp3’s will have an extension of mp3x and you’ll need their proprietary player with an always-on internet connection to play them, but damned if this isn’t good news… read more | digg story