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So my wife and I are buying a home. Since I grew up around construction (my mom’s husband was a contractor), I never considered anything other than a stick-built home. I get a visit from my brother and my dad several months ago because my brother is considering moving to this area and he and […]

“Using children’s laptops to convert the masses to the open source faith is irresponsible and self-serving. Software evangelists and elitist humanitarians are trying to fit developing nations into their own designs. OLPC supporters should listen to the needs of the world, rather than make assumptions as to what they are.” read more | digg story

After a brief downtime at approximately 06:30 Pacific Time, digg is back up. Some small changes that I’ve noticed are the Friends button in your profile. Any other changes that you’ve noticed? Edited to add: Digg’s very own blog states that they were pushing some bug fixes too….

AOL, in a bid to make itself relevant again, is offering up what appears to be a good deal… antivirus software by Kaspersky.  Now Kaspersky is a major player in antivirus circles, so nothing wrong there.  But what is wrong is what you have to agree to in order to use this supposed “free” software… […]

Some people shouldn’t breed… read more | digg story

After a brief downtime at approximately 6:30 pacific time, Digg has come back up with some small changes.  Some of the things that I’ve noticed are that the “undigg” text is now red and the categories for story submittal have been rearranged with the technology category being listed first.  Post any changes that you’ve noticed. […]

“Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, handed Blair an all-new 60GB black video iPod as a souvenir of the trip yesterday…The music player was pre-loaded with 160 songs about California.” Unknown if Blair said, “I’ll be back”…. read more | digg story