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Apple has launched Mac OS Forge, a new community development site hosted designed to support Web Kit and other open source projects focused on Mac OS X. read more | digg story Advertisements

Until now the software has required that users install the X11 Window System, a graphical interface that lets Unix-based applications work on Macs. The new version of the software won’t require X11, and will work just like any other OS X-native application. read more | digg story

“Search engine giant Google Inc. has piled up so much cash that it is in danger of being mistaken for an investment fund. Google’s most recent quarterly balance sheet listed assets totaling $14.4 billion, including $4 billion in cash and $5.8 billion in marketable securities.” read more | digg story

Being Kansas’ senior senator is not enough for Sam Brownback. Apparently he knows what Oregonians do not and has crafted a bill to put our Northwest neighbors back on the yellow brick road of righteousness. Brownback introduced a bill last week called the Assisted Suicide Prevention Act of 2006. read more | digg story

If you use any number of popular web forums or even some commercial services like,, or your provider’s webmail service, you may not be aware that you’re sending your credentials over the internet in the clear.Some sites appear to secure your credenti als, but they really don’t. read more | digg story

One thing that I’ve always found interesting with the internet is the speed at which information becomes available. I’ve seen a slow and progressive change to mainstream news outfits like CNN and MSNBC over the past decade (or more) to provide breaking news and to have constantly scrolling ‘tickers’ at the bottom of the screen […]

I wonder what’s in the works for this downtime?