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Music on Suse


I’m back to WinXP on my primary desktop. Frankly, because I missed the ability to listen to my music. Suse wouldn’t play my mp3’s “out of the box”. Amarok kept telling me that it didn’t like them. I tried to install what I thought I needed through Yast, but an hour later, still no sound […]

The new hotness


The new digg has launched although it’s loading extremely slow for me. Peace out.

Suse and XGL


Holy crap. I made the switch. I completely switched over my primary desktop to Linux and it’s not the distro that you think. I’m still running Windows XP on my new laptop, but that’s only because I need to for work. You may be wondering why I said “Holy Crap”….read on.. The distro I selected […]

Recently installed Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper Drake on an older Compaq desktop I had laying around. The amazing thing about this old comp is that it’s very quiet compared to my normal desktop PC…but I digress. This old Compaq has an Intel i810 graphics chip. Essentially it’s the graphics chip built into the motherboard and utilizes […]