The Digg democracy


Numerous websites are now popping up, critical of Digg’s ‘democratic process’ of digging stories, most notably Slashdot’s piece, this guy’s piece, and yet another. It seems to me that the guys that run Digg need to step up here and explain what’s going on. I’ve had some of my stories get dugg up to about 30 over the course of a 1/2 an hour only to be reported into oblivion over the course of several minutes by watching digg spy. It seemed odd that that many people would report my story that I wrote to the digg team about. They verified that all was hunky dory in Digg land.


One Response to “The Digg democracy”

  1. 1 Jeremiah

    Yeah, I probably should post that I’m not updating. I have too much going on with school and such. Job searching, etc haha. Parix is my personal blog I update every-now-and-then if you’d like to link that one.

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