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If you haven’t heard about it already, head on over to digg to take a look at this thread (warning the thread as of this writing has well over 770 comments and takes forever to load and makes Firefox gag…incidentally, IE7 happily loads the aforementioned page). It’s an extremely long digg commented post and story […]

Ash, the Greasemonkey extraordinaire over in my forums, has developed numerous scripts for use with digg. My favorite is the block script for digg. Not only does this script allow you to block articles (so you never have to see them if they get promoted to the front), but you can also block users. Yes, […]

Ass-Goblin Dog


Fugly Dog Dies Sam, the ugly ass goblin of a dog you see pictured, has died. Gack, I have nightmares involving this dog….



Check out this post on Specifically the very first post by “coffee33” (if you can’t see the comment post by s/he, then change the comment view threshold to -3).The submitted story is about a 17 year old kid that gets beat up for his brand-new Xbox360 at 12:01 am, which means that he waited […]

Could this be a Google Appliance Killer? Without much fanfare, Microsoft launches today, a business version of their search software. It will help people more easily find documents, e-mail and other data. The interesting tidbit is that it’s designed for easy deployment by IT and can be modified (through GPOs) by IT to control how […]

10. It’s your homepage and you refresh so often, that you notice when it’s down for 15 seconds and you actually know who prolexic is. 09. You’ve seen 102.4 dupes in the last day. 08. You’re actually proud of your member overall ranking. 07. Slashdot? What’s slashdot? 06. You realize that searching for “digg” […]


Yes it’s true. I’m a digg fan, despite the fact that I get frustrated with the rudeness. I’m such a bigg digg fan that I decided to start a new site called Come over and check it out…